"We are not machines here
to produce; we're beautiful
here to add value, be relevant and make an impact."


A book for you. 

This book emboldens women to navigate uncertainty and be intensely self-aware, unapologetic of their talents and committed to connect and serve

It's time to eradicate the factory model of work that left us addicted to busyness, control, and achievement.
I'm here to hand you the Three Keys to Rise & Thrive as a Badass Career Woman - Story. Money. Rhythm.

Are you ready to Write Your OWN Story?



A podcast for you.

With an open mind, open heart, and open hands, Rebecca will hand you the keys...
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Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

Energy. Experience. Empathy. 

Rebecca brings decades of business experience, exceptional energy, and empathy to every show. 

Empowered by Experts

Hear practical advice, compelling stories, and guests who inspire and empower you to thrive. 

Embark on your OWN Journey

Every episode challenges you to put down the need for permission and Write Your OWN Story.

The Badass Women's Council Invites You To


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Find your people. 

An event for you. 

Celebrate International Women's Day
Stand Tall In Your Story

We roll out the red carpet to celebrate International Women's Day! We bring our very real human stories to the stage. The women of Rise & Thrive immerse themselves into a 7-month experience to rise as leaders in the Age of Humanity. They share their stories in a "TED-like" talk, with time for rich table discussions for you, the attendee. All this plus LIVE music, food, and drinks. This is the event you don't want to miss! Invite your colleagues, friends, & family! Men AND women enjoy this event! Attend live or virtually. 

A merch drop for you.

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Write Your OWN Story
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A coach, consultant, and keynote speaker for you.

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Meet Rebecca

The badass behind it all

With nearly three decades of experience, a $35M sales track record, a popular TEDx talk, a best-selling book, and 15 years in the esteemed President’s Club at FranklinCovey, you could say I've lived a little. I've also navigated divorce, co-parenting, raising a couple of amazing humans, including one with ADHD, and launching a business.

What I know to be true in all of it, there's always head trash, our uniqueness matters most, business is human, and striving and comparison are dream killers.

I'm most alive when I watch my clients come alive, find their tribe, and thrive.

There's this "look" when they're thriving as their most authentic self. Their eyes sparkle, they stand taller and they laugh way more. It's badass. I'm here for it.

Let's Move From
Striving to Thriving.

Together we can rise to be our best selves—expand our impact and our influence on the world. If you’re ready to lead the Age of Humanity, I’d love to talk to you! Book a free 30-min Discovery call to explore your next best step.
Time to thrive, and see how we can help.