A consultant for you. 

As a leader, are you looking for something different for your organization? You've got great people. You see the path to thriving as a business, but need some help getting there?

It's time to eradicate the factory model of work that left us addicted to busyness, control, and achievement. With nearly three decades of experience, a $35M sales track record, a popular TEDx talk, a best-selling book, and 15 years in the esteemed President’s Club at FranklinCovey, Rebecca brings the expertise and fresh perspective you need to thrive inside of your business and out. 

What others are saying.

Managing Director FranklinCovey

Rebecca is one of the most talented Sales Professionals / Consultants I know. She does it all! She somehow manages to effectively lead some of the largest most complex client engagements of our company, engage teams and organizations as consultant and speaker, and stay actively involved in her community. There is no better person to work with.
CEO MARE Corporation
Having personally held both sales and service related positions, as well as having sales personnel report to me in several business related positions, Rebecca Fleetwood Hession stands apart. With a keen understanding of client needs, a tenacity to ensure their needs are met, and a sincere desire to ensure value is created in any client interaction, Rebecca consistently demonstrates her understanding of what a trusted advisor is to any business partner seeking professional guidance from one who has their best interests at heart. 
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