Aug 14 / Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

FEARLESS & FULLFILLED: Embarking on a Journey of Self Discovery

In a world that often glorifies busy schedules and constant hustle, it’s easy to find ourselves feeling disconnected and burnt out. But what if I told you that there is a way to find alignment, to reconnect with your inner thrive guide, and create a life that truly resonates with you? 

On Episode 186 of “Write Your Own Story,” we delve into the inspiring journey of Chelsey Dague, a driven businesswoman who has battled with finding alignment and finally emerged stronger and more fulfilled than ever before.

Finding the Signals of Misalignment: Listening to Your Inner Thrive Guide
Chelsey’s transformation began with acknowledging the signals her body and mind were sending her. She recognized feeling off-kilter, stressed, and burnt out, making her realize that something needed to change. Listening to her inner thrive guide was the crucial first step toward finding alignment.

Addressing Misalignment Proactively:
Understanding the Importance of Realignment
Host Rebecca beautifully compares misalignment to a car needing realignment. Just as a car’s wheels require adjustments to drive smoothly, so do our lives. Ignoring the signs of misalignment only leads to further dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Addressing these feelings proactively is essential, and Chelsey’s journey proves just how transformative it can be.

Working with a Coach: Unleashing the Power of Support and Guidance
During a casual lunch, Chelsey decided to take a leap and work with Rebecca as her coach. Together, they explored the root causes of Chelsey’s unease, initially focusing on whether adjusting her current situation was the solution. However, after careful reflection, Chelsey made the courageous decision to seek a new job, cementing her commitment to finding true alignment in her personal and professional life.

Embracing Transformation: An Inspiring Shift towards Thriving
Prioritizing her own well-being, Chelsey took a much-needed week-long break before starting her new job—a testament to her commitment to self-care and her desire for genuine alignment. The transformation within her is undeniable; she now radiates a sense of fulfillment, confidence, and purpose that resonates deeply in her personal and professional life.

Chelsey’s journey serves as a powerful reminder to all driven business females that alignment, though sometimes elusive, is achievable. By listening to our inner thrive guide, addressing misalignment proactively, and seeking support when needed, we can embark on a transformative path toward thriving in both our personal and professional lives. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories on “Write Your Own Story,” where we empower you to embrace change, find alignment, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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