Change the work, change the world. Making money ought to feel better.


The most valuable asset you have in life & business is you

We're writing the story of The Age of Humanity by owning our career and the conditions needed to thrive. As we turn the calendar to 2024, the future of work needs to be created, not repeated. This type of innovation comes from a new leadership mindset.


Let me be your Thrive Guide on a journey from striving to thriving- a journey I can promise will set you up for a lifetime of growth and prosperity. 

Investing in you will always provide a solid return. 
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Thriving in 2024 Starts Here!

As you learn to Write Your OWN Story this year you will also learn to....

Navigate Uncertainty

Navigate the uncertainty of building a life on your own terms in the ever-changing nature of life & work. You will receive tools, strategies, and frameworks to conquer uncertainty in any context. 

Take Inventory of Your Value

Learn to recognize and leverage your unique value as a powerful asset. This includes taking inventory of skills, experiences, and qualities that contribute to your personal and professional identity.

Create Conditions to Thrive

Move away from the mindset of relentless striving for business success and sacrificing personal well-being to achieve 'success.' Create the personal, relational, and environmental conditions for a thriving life. 

Apply Your Uniqueness

Learn to identify your value, relevance and impact and create opportunities to influence your customers and colleagues in a way that supports a thriving environment, finishing the course equipped with the words to write your OWN story.  

Take the Leap, Learn to Thrive.

Course Details

6 Weeks of
Course Content

One module per week from January 8th- International Women's Day on March 8th. Each week will walk you through the tools, frameworks, and models needed to move from striving to thriving. 

4 Group
Coaching Sessions

Spend time with other women in the Badass Women's Council as Rebecca leads the group through guided reflection and conversation. Make friends. Build community. You are safe here!

2 Individual
Coaching Sessions

Take some time to dig deep with the badass herself. Learn to move from striving to thriving on a deep, personal level as Rebecca hold up the mirror to help you see you.

Celebrate International Women's Day!

Join the women of the Badass Women's Council as you stand tall in your stories and celebrate the transformation of this course experience, the power of women, and the beautiful path of Thriving ahead in 2024!
the badass behind it all

Meet Rebecca

With nearly three decades of experience, a $35M sales track record, a popular TEDx talk, a best-selling book, and 15 years in the esteemed President’s Club at FranklinCovey, you could say I've lived a little. I've also navigated divorce, co-parenting, raising a couple of amazing humans, including one with ADHD, and launching a business.
What I know to be true in all of it, there's always head trash, our uniqueness matters most, business is human, and striving and comparison are dream killers.

I'm most alive when I watch my clients come alive, find their tribe, and thrive.

There's this "look" when they're thriving as their most authentic self. Their eyes sparkle, they stand taller and they laugh way more. It's badass. I'm here for it.
Care to join me?

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Working with Rebecca and having the community has been transformational for my career. I went from lacking clarity & confidence in my own gifts & talents to knowing and owning them. Now, I get to use those gifts & talents every day.

Amber Fields

Chief Culture Officer, trueU
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This is Right for You If...

You are open to change and growth. 
You are willing to invest in yourself. 
You desire authentic work-life integration. 
You value personal fulfillment. 
You are seeking a supportive community.
You recognize the need to make a positive change. 

Make 2024 your year...

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