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A Badass Women's Council Special New Year Event!

Use your authenticity to gain career and business credibility-
we don't need to change who we are; we need to know who we are. 


to learn the mindset, framework, and planning tools to make your story valuable, relevant, and impactful.


plan for the year so that you feel your best. 


to make the most impact in your career and business. 

This engaging and transformative event is the start of a life built on YOUR terms.

Welcome to your best year yet!

What's in Store? 

Take the first step toward a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Reserve your spot now and bring your friends ready to make 2024 a year of growth!

Let’s kick off this incredible journey together!


 Dive into a community of kindred spirits and start building your support network from the get-go. This is a safe space, #pinkyswear.

Future of Work

Explore The Age of Humanity – Decode the post-2020 world dynamics and uncover opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Transformative Topics

We’re not waiting for the world to change. We’re changing our part of the world. 

Tools You Can Use

Receive beautifully designed downloadable worksheets for planning throughout the entire year!

Q&A Session

Have your burning questions answered and gain clarity on what lies ahead in the world of working women.

Next Steps...

Find out how to enroll in a 6-week experience for a thriving 2024.

Lessons & Exercises

  • Grab your journal for guided reflection.
  • Learn from real women writing their OWN thrive stories.
  • Inspiration and practical tips to set the tone for a prosperous New Year.

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