Apr 2 / Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Tell Them.

Every human on the planet deals with uncertainty. Every single one. It’s part of the human experience. Those that battle through the uncertainty to start a business, write a book, originate a project then see it through … all battling uncertainty. Uncertainty is strong in the creation, even stronger waiting and wondering if it matters.

Our creations are meant to serve other humans. The creating is the starting point, the connection is what really matters. Did they like it, does it help them? Does it matter?

On March 17, 2022, my book, “Write Your Own Story“ went up for sale on Amazon. There was a flurry of activity, messages flying in from every possible means. My head was spinning, it was thrilling and exciting. By the end of the day I had hit #1 bestseller in a couple of categories, a dream I had journaled about for years.

And then . . . I waited.

The longest week of my life waiting for the books to be delivered and for people to start reading. It was quite possibly the worst part of the three-year process. Because I didn’t spend three years writing a book to sell it. I spent three years writing a book because I believed what I wrote could help you live a different type of life, one of thriving not striving.

In the space of that very long week, I reminded myself constantly that the Lord would not have brought me these ideas and this early success just to slam me back down. I chanted this to myself as I paced and wondered if it mattered.

The pictures you all shared of your excitement as the books arrived were so sweet and exhilarating, AND they fueled the uncertainty of ‘but does it matter” and “will it help you?”.

Finally, a few texts popped in of pages you had underlined and how those words spoke to you. Then a few more and a few more ….posts on social started coming in.

And then . . . I exhaled …maybe for the first time in months. You told me, It matters. The book is helping you. You are feeling called to a new way to work and live and raise your children.

For years I’ve encouraged my son and daughter when they hear a song they love, especially from a new artist; message them, tweet them, tell them not just that you love the song, but tell them what you love about it. Tell them how it made you feel.

We all want to know, does our work matter? How does it matter? How does it make you feel? We have a hard-wired desire to be valuable, relevant, and impactful to other humans. Take this with you to work on Monday.

Tell them.

Look around at your co-workers, your suppliers, your boss, your CEO, tell them. Tell them how the work they do matters to you and how it makes you feel. I promise you, the relationship will shift instantly.

Tell them.

Tell your 5-year-old how their laugh at the dinner table lights up your heart, tell your sister that when she hosts Easter you feel loved and cared for. Tell the barista that her smile starts your day off with a caffeine-like boost as good as your macchiato.

Tell them.

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