Sep 11 / Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

She First Told Me No.

As I look back, it seems crazy that in Season 1, I asked people to trust me with a 7 month experience. But I was so sure, so passionate, and so convinced it would work. When Kelly first told me no, I went back and said, “I think you should do this.” Thankfully, she did.

As I read this testimony from Kelly I am so proud of her and her journey. The Rise & Thrive experience continues to be transformational. I am honored to come alongside these women and share life with them.

From Kelly –

Season 1: Although I hesitantly agreed to participate in Season 1 (because who has 7 months to dedicate to a group you know nothing about) after the round table introductions on day 1, I realized this was going to be an extremely raw personal journey for me. Yes, it’s a business platform but I was personally “stuck”.

I had zeroed in on the growth of my business to the degree that my life solely consisted of work and caregiving/support for a family member. I was in the trenches, knee-deep in mud, and needed help raising myself up, washing off the residue (intentionally leaving some residue as a reminder of the sacrifices). The Rise&Thrive coaches, the very personal conversations, workshops, and formulating of my “story” forced me to take time to access myself.


  • I committed to simply focusing on my needs first (first ish)
  • Learned to recognize the lil “b” that enters the headspace at times.
  • Committed to not allowing the times in the trenches to wreck my physical health

While all these were very personal for me, they absolutely made me a better business owner and prepared me for what followed.

  • 3 months after completing R&T, I married a man I met 30 years ago.
  • 2 year after completing R&T my business hit a goal and made the Inc5000 list!
  • Currently I am studying for my pilots license. Why? Why stop experiencing life?!

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