Mar 19 / Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Nobody Thrives Alone.

I woke up today, a bestselling author.

Just gonna let that soak in for a moment…

Actually, I barely slept, completely overwhelmed with every possible emotion. I’ve dreamed of this day for decades. I’ve sat in my morning meditation, picturing it, feeling it, believing in my dream. And last night, there I was, living a dream come true.

Sure, I spent three years doing the work of writing the book, but putting it out into the world is a whole different thing. Asking people to buy it, to trust me, and believe it’s worthy. Something I created.

Vulnerability on high alert.

Things that guided me through this huge emotional surge yesterday.

I asked for help.

There’s a section in the book called Nobody Thrives Alone. For most people, offering help and support is easy, we want to be helpful and kind. It’s the ASKING for help part we get pretty cringy about. This is the flip side we must remember. When we ask for help, allow someone to bless us.

I knew my purpose.

I sent messages to so many people asking them to buy my book. It felt very odd at first. Cringy. I had to remember my purpose. Why did I write this book? I wrote it because I believe in my heart it will help people. I think it will give us a new way to see life and work, one that will give us more joy and real satisfaction, thriving not striving. If I want this book to help people, I have to courageously ask them to buy it.

I’m learning to receive.

Receiving compliments and affirmation was not one of my natural skillsets. I’ve spent more than a year practicing this skill. I want to get better, so I’ve been journaling about the compliments I receive, amplifying the emotion associated with the compliments as a beautiful and kind act. Saying out loud to people who compliment me, “I receive it.” And yesterday, I sure was glad I had done that work. Because the messages and social posts were so damn kind and beautiful, I thought I would explode.

People want me to succeed.

Throughout this entire book writing process, Scott Miller, a previous leader of mine, checked in on me . . .for years. As a wildly successful author himself, he knows this journey well. I no longer report to him professionally; he lives thousands of miles away. I haven’t seen him in person for years. And every few months, I’d get a text from him with questions, encouragement, advice.

Before the launch, I asked Scott to walk me through how to launch a book. I took pages of notes. He was the first person I messaged when I saw the book was live on Amazon. He spent the last two days coaching me, texting everyone we both know, asking them to buy the book, posting on social media, sending me screenshots of messages, watching my book ranking on Amazon. I’m so grateful. He’s walked this journey, he knew I’d need that kind of support. His only motive … humanity. He wanted to see me, a fellow human, succeed.

When I got the call from Scott Miller that the book hit #1 on Amazon, I was at lunch with two best friends, Courtney Simpkiss and Emily Shaw. I cried, and they both screamed and clapped in the middle of a bougie white table cloth kinda place, which obviously got everyone’s attention.

Courtney jumped up and announced to the women at this luncheon, “She’s a best-selling author!” Stood up and shouted! Then went around sending the Amazon link to these women. I looked up and these women were all buying my book from their phones…. in a restaurant…. for someone they had never met.

Humans are pretty amazing and the majority of them love to see and help others win. This is a memory logged deep into my story center that I will pull from my entire life when I need to be reminded how beautiful humans really are.

Thank you for buying my book, for believing the words on these pages are worthy of your time and dollars. I can’t wait to hear your stories of thriving.

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