Dec 2 / Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Listen, Learn and Affirm

Did you know that Reece Witherspoon didn’t take acting lessons? What desire in your heart are you not pursuing because you don’t have the background, training, or degree?

Those are nice to have but not requirements.

That stirring in your soul is a call; it might be time to answer it.

Did you know Dolly Parton is the most loved celebrity in the world? An actual Q score measurement depicts the star known and loved by most people worldwide. Dolly has the highest Q score in the world.

This got me thinking about what it takes to beloved. She’s known and loved for being a great unifier in a world hell-bent on division. There’s lots we can learn from her. I talk about both women in my first podcast under the new name Write Your Own Story coming out next week.

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Change is a weird thing for an entrepreneur. There’s no actual approval process other than, do I want to? Do I have the money? Do I know how? It’s odd how freedom sounds so sexy until you’re standing in your office wishing someone would tell you what to do.

I contacted a podcast expert this summer to level up the show. I knew it could be better, but not without me asking for help. I texted Rachel Downey from Share Your Genius and said, I’m stuck. Tell me what to do. A great partner is a specialist in their field, AND they want you to succeed. Rachel didn’t jump in and immediately give me a quote as a business transaction, even though I directly asked for help. She listened, asked great questions, affirmed what she already liked about my brand and me, and worked to build on those things.

There’s wisdom there for you as a leader, a salesperson, a friend, or a parent. Listen first, then learn and affirm.

I record these podcasts with a deep desire for you to listen, learn and feel affirmed. You have everything within you right now to thrive. I’m here to be your guide to that thriving life and career. Ultimately, I changed the podcast name to align with my book Write Your Own Story.

The episodes will align with the Three Keys to Rise & Thrive; Story, Money, and Rhythm.

I’ll do episodes pulling excerpts from the book and still have excellent guests on the show. Anytime there’s even a slight change like this, I get excited; it feels like a new chapter, and you know how I like to write my own story.
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