Jul 11 / Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

More Freedom, Less Burden

I have a group of badass women participating in “Your Best Summer Ever”; an experience focused on finding your freedom.

This month we are exploring how burdens weigh us down and keep us from being our best selves. We’re looking at the things and people that keep us from exploring our wants, needs, and desires and what could happen if we release them to find more freedom to enjoy, laugh, and play.

I thought I’d share one of the exercises with you.

Picture yourself wearing a huge backpack. Inside are stones representing the things you’ve picked up along your life’s journey. Some are essential to your journey as you’ve climbed the highs and lows of your life and career. Some are not. Some are making your load heavy; burdens.

Take a look at the things you are carrying. What can you take out and lay down to lighten your load?

Who is weighing you down? This can feel harsh to our “loving and kind, wanting to help people” hearts. How about some new perspective? What if releasing these people from your life gives you more energy and love for those that are your people?

Some people you don’t need to let go, but you do need to let them grow.

Sometimes our love and good intentions for those we love and lead unintentionally stunt their growth and ours. We care so much that we don’t want them to hurt, fail or struggle. Take a moment and remind yourself how much you’ve grown from your struggles. Would you be the person you are today without a skinned knee, a broken heart, or a termination?

Have you learned more from advice or from the experiences of figuring things out, falling down or failing?

Letting others live and learn from their struggles isn’t abandonment; it’s saying, “I trust you. And I’ll be here for you, cheering for you, first aid kit on hand, your biggest cheerleader and advocate” Let the burden of controlling and being fully responsible go. Channel that energy into a joyful, prayerful advocate of their unique story.

What burdens can you outsource?

Housecleaning, laundry, email, grocery delivery, meal kits, there are many resources available today to free your head, heart, and hands. There are zero rewards for ‘doing it all’. But there are considerable rewards in freeing space in your heart, mind, and hands. 

Use that freedom to laugh, play and connect.

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